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So, as I mentioned in my PAX post, Jen and I have been playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game a bit over these past two months.

The basic premise of the game is simple.  You play as a murderhobo, adventurer and you “explore” various locations by flipping over the cards to see what’s underneath.  Sometimes it’s a monster, sometimes it’s a trap, sometimes it’s a potential ally, sometimes it’s treasure…  And you roll dice to see if you defeat and/or acquire whatever is on the card.

Jen’s been playing a sorcerer named Seoni who has, to date, disintegrated everything that’s even thought about getting in her way.   I started off playing a healer (like I do); alas I got a bit too close to a goblin arsonist on our last game session and as such Kyra the Cleric is no more.  Yes, there is perma-death in the game.  If your character dies you have to start over with a new one at level 1.

So I switched to Tarlin, who’s a much more melee focused cleric and he’s working out much better.

I bring this up because it occurred to me that someday, hopefully, Daphne might want to play this game with us.  And how much fun would it be for her to have a deck made entirely of her own things.  Meaning she’d get to cast spells that are named especially for her, ally with Jib and Alex, use her stuffed animals as magical items, and her favorite things could become in-game “blessings.”

So, here’s her first PACG card.  Actually, this one’s more for her parents, but you get the idea…

daphnecardSee you Monday.


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