For Lunch’s Sake, I Spit [Up] at Thee!



Behold, The Boppy:

boppy1This is an “Heirloom” Boppy, apparently passed down through generations.

I’m going to be honest with you guys.  I have no idea what the hell this is supposed to do.

I get the whale part, and I’m quite supportive of all things adorably cetacean.  The form of the thing is fine; I just have many questions about the function.

I mean, I see that there’s a kid sitting upright in it, but I’ve been told the similarly monikered “Bumbo” accomplishes this job better than the Boppy ever could.  I also see the kid and the mother in that photo to the left.  But if that’s the proper usage, what’s the point of the horseshoe design?
Do you wear it around your waist  and let the kid dangle off it like the “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” guys?
Strap it around the baby like a Schlitterbahn inner tube?
Or is it some kind of cabalistic breastfeeding thing that I don’t understand because my nipples been stricken dumb by vestigiality?  (Nevermind, there’s a picture of a smiling father using this thing on the back of the container, so that clearly isn’t the case.)

Why?  Why the crescent shape?

This is going to bother me…


2 Comments on “For Lunch’s Sake, I Spit [Up] at Thee!

  1. It’s like a Snoogle for babies. It cradles them in various positions as they gain body strength, so they can lie on their backs in it when they’re infants, practice tummy time as they grow, and then sit up in it when they’re ready.

    It’s also a nursing pillow. It goes around my waist, and I lay her on top of it (I think).
    It will be very useful!

    • I see.

      In that case it makes complete sense that it baffles me, because I find your Snoogle to be an impossibly complicated contraption.

      Not to mention it’s shaped like a Vermicious Knid…

      I’m very happy you love it, though. <3

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