Fistful of Eggs

Breakfast.  Easiest meal of the day.


As for the gaming front, there was a new character introduced to Overwatch this week.  Ana.

Do not attempt to adjust your monitors.  She is indeed an elderly Egyptian woman.

I ran her in a few games on the test servers this week and she’s…interesting.  I’ve never seen a healing sniper before.  It ends up being a strange mix of playstyles (shoot all the things, friend and foe!), and one that’s difficult to do well.   Unfortunately she’s a new character, so we’re going to see her in EVERY SINGLE GAME FOR THE NEXT MONTH.

Jen and I also began a game of Arkham Horror on Wednesday night.  Neither one of us has ever played it before and it’s a pretty challenging game, with a LOT of moving parts/phases, so we’re baby-stepping our way through it.

arkhamhorrorgameboardYeah.  It’s that kind of complicated.

It’s been pretty fun so far though, if for no other reason than my wife and I get to spend some time with each other that doesn’t involve staring at a television screen.  And it’ll undoubtedly become even more entertaining this evening over a couple Friday Night Beers after Daphne heads to bed.

And on that note, I’ll see you cats on Monday.


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