Shoeless D

The Great Jammie Juxtaposition has begun.

shoelessdaphne1“Who’s scruffy lookin’?”

And while I’m sure Daphne will occasionally rock those old, scruffy-footed PJs, we have started putting her to bed in 2-piece pajama sets.

First, it’s 2,000° kelvin outside right now.  (Okay it’s not quite that warm.  The heat index is actually around 100° at her bedtime.)  And while our newly-recondensed A/C unit has been keeping things a tolerable 73° upstairs *knocks on wood*— it’s the principle of the thing.

Second, she’s growing WAY too fast for the footed ones to keep up.  We basically only get four or five wears out of a pair of jammies before they’re relegated to the “donate pile.”  This seems like a solid way to get that cost-per-wear number down a bit.

And third, I happen to think they’re much cuter than their footed/zippered brethren.

“Cuter than these?  Pshhh…  Not while I’m wearing ’em, tough guy.”


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