Extra Life – Post

Hi there.

I’m still in recovery mode from Saturday’s 22-hour gaming session.  I think I qualify as a functioning human being, but all cognitive abilities are running at about 65%.

And yes, I said 22 hours.  I ended up a bit short.

I hit the proverbial wall at 6am and called it a night, then made up the 2 hours I missed from 10-noon on Sunday.  I do deserve a little slack though, I have an infant at home whose schedule is rather demanding…

littlestpscmonkeyThe Littlest M0nk3y

Speaking of which, I need to send a quick shout out to my wife who handled and ran interference with Baby Daphne all day.  You are the reason we could do this again this year, sweetie…  Not me.

So thank you.  I love you very much.  Groceries are all me this week.

As for the day itself, there was a bit of Magic Online, a bit of Diablo, I played through the entirety of The Beginner’s Guide which was a bit of an unexpected wet blanket on my afternoon, and left me in a really weird and introspective mood.

An interesting experience, albeit one I wasn’t quite ready for.

Other than that, there was a whole lot of PS4 happening.

extralifelivingroomPiracy meets Destiny.

Hidden among the sea of baby accoutrements there are the other two gaming PSC M0nk3ys, and I also owe them a HUGE thanks for coming out for what was a pretty sedate event, compared to years past.

It was fun though, and particularly awesome to be around friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

There was also a New York contingent of M0nk3ys this year…

nymonkeysI’ve never met any of these people, but it looks like somebody there drafted the UW fliers deck…

And they absolutely killed it this year, becoming the top earning M0nk3ys on the team by over $400.  Very nicely done, you guys.  Hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you before next year’s event.

And that’s it.  My entire weekend again eaten up by vidja games, but at least this time around it was for a worthy cause.

See you tomorrow,


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