Extra Life 2015


So, I’ve admittedly been a bit lax about Extra Life this year.  I think devoting so much time to it last year (acting as leadership in the Houston guild), left me a bit burned out.


It’s still a fantastic cause, and the PSC M0nk3ys are once again ALL SYSTEMS GO for tomorrow’s marathon.

So if you’re an awesome person, and you feel like helping some very sick kids at Texas Children’s Hospital, please do consider donating to the cause.

It’s easy!  You can do so by clicking right here:

donatenowmonkeyLook how happy you’ve made that monkey.

All the proceeds go directly to Texas Children’s Hospital, and it’s wholly tax deductible.

I actually spent an evening at Texas Children’s Hospital last year, and decorated pillow cases with the kids in their cancer ward. I remember being taken aback not so much by the kids, but by their parents.  The kids all had a kind of courageous air about them. As if they had no doubt that they were eventually going to get better, and a little thing like leukemia wouldn’t get in the way of that.

But their parents?  They’re the ones who looked really sick.  Like husks of human beings.  Utterly exhausted.

They’d clearly been crushed under countless months of worry and stress and fear and anger over the unfairness of it all.  And, given my new status as a dad this year, I have even more empathy for what they must have been going through…although I’ve no clue of just how difficult it must have been.

If I could, I’d go back and decorate pillowcases for them too.


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