(Nearly) Sprung

Does it count if I uploaded a bunch of pictures on Friday?


Okay…well here goes anyway.

Spring has pretty much sprung here in Texas. And we’ve all got the sniffles to show for it.

However there is one rite of passage that all children in this state must endure, and that is the Texas wildflower picture session.

Yes, under normal Tejas-tances kids have their picture taken with bluebonnets. Alas, we’re not those people. (Besides, the part no one sees in all of those bluebonnet pictures is that there’s typically an 8-lane freeway just on the other side of the camera.)

And then, we have Easter. We headed out to my brother’s place for the annual egg hunt, and Daph did great this year.


Quite a difference from last year…

But every bit as adorable…

That said, she was definitely not into eating dinner over there, despite our assurances that this ham was just like her other ham cubes…but better. So we drove back home a bit early and let her gorge on the traditional Easter spaghetti.

Alex: “If you don’t want something bad to happen to the buttons on your jeans, you’ll tip that plate onto the floor tout de suite…

Shortly after Easter, another cold snap pushed its way through Houston. Although more than likely this is the last one we’ll see for a while…soon to be replaced with the brutal Houston summer. Bleh.

But, in the interim, we get a bunch of cute pictures of a little girl in her hoodie and pinwheel.

Okay, I’m off. Take care everyone.


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