Okay, I Missed Two

I know, I know…  I’m sorry.

I’m really having to focus on that whole “finding a job” thing. So whenever I’m in front of my laptop that tends to take precedence over writing up one of these.

I have a few minutes in between phone calls right now, though, so I thought I’d say hi.

We’ve been doing our normal thing for the most part. We went out to Seguin last week during Jen’s spring break, which was a nice respite from the house. Daphne was quick to find her usual seat…

She spent quite a bit of time right here, actually.

Outside of that, it’s been a lot of taking walks and playing. This little girl absolutely adores the outdoors.

And we’ve had our usual weekly errands, as well.

“No, Daddy. You leave those chocolates right where they are.”

We also went clothes shopping with Jen for her birthday last weekend. Sorta. Daph and I ran around the mall while Jen shopped. I only got to offer a fleeting bit of input before going back to playing at Rainforest Cafe.

That’s a sizable mosquito bite there on her cheek…

We also had an evaluation for her upcoming KISD transition yesterday. Essentially we took her to a T-shack where she played with several other teachers and specialists to show them what she knows. And, if I’m being totally honest here, I expected it to be disastrously difficult. She’d had some minor tummy issues the day before, wasn’t eating very well, and the 2-hour appointment was right on the precipice of naptime.

And yet, she was awesome.

She ran around and played, was interactive with the new teachers (with very little coaxing from Jen and me) and gave them all a good idea of what she knows how to do.

In the end, they recommended her for their Early Childhood Autism Program (ECAP), which she’ll start after her 3rd birthday next month.

Unfortunately she’ll only have a few weeks of class time before the summer break begins. But I think that’s enough time to get a good idea if this will be the right fit for her..and for us.

Okay, I’ve more calls to make. See you soon.


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