In Irons


Things are still.

That is, if you qualify submitting something on the order of 40 resumes per week as “still”. And I’ll tell you…I am really, really tired of telling potential employers that I am a white, male, non-veteran without a disability.

Although I did get tapped on Wednesday by the company where I do most of my freelance work. They’ve asked me to edit a new book for them, which is awesome. I hadn’t gotten any work offers from them in months and I was beginning to worry that I’d pushed them too far when I lobbied for a full-time job in January.
Glad to see I haven’t become proofreada non grata as a result.

Speaking of which, a couple of the projects I worked on last year have just been released:


Heh. Get ’em while they’re hot. (Actually that last one is already sold out and I’m hearing a lot of good things about it. Glad I had a hand, albeit a minor one, in getting it ready.

It’ll be nice to have something where I feel like I’m being productive again, rather than simply slamming my head into the doors of various human resources departments.

And speaking of being unproductive, here’s a reimagining of the Easy Rider opening credits, suburban edition.

Yes, I do have a lot of free time right now.

It’s quite possible we’ll hit up the brewery tomorrow afternoon; we haven’t been there in quite some time and we’re probably due. Although not the swirling yellow zephyrs of tree spore don’t ease up a bit. Poor Jen is getting serious hay fever right now…

Okay, see you next week!


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