Ahoy there.

So I’m reticent to say things are “settling down” as that seems karmically akin to dipping yourself in red liquid latex and commence ta’ jigglin’ in front of a bull named, “The Widowmaker.”  But things are…fine.  Still a little tired, but I dropped into a hard reboot last night at around 1:30 and didn’t stir until almost 7 this morning.  So I’ve no room to complain.

Daphne is doing well and growing like an adorably bald and wiggly little weed.

happycabbageHappy Cabbage Patchin’ 

And, after yesterday’s link to TMBG’s “Why Does the Sun Shine,” I thought I’d make a list of Daphne’s

 “Top 5 Favorite Songs for Dad to Sing.”

5.  Mammal – They Might Be Giants

Consider it STEM stemming.

4.  First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes

Yes, I sang this to her in the hospital, on the first day of her life.  Although it was quite applicable to me too… 

3.  A’ Roving – Capstan Shanty

If mom knew the lyrics here she might recommend I sing “Drunken Sailor” or “Eddystone Light” instead…

2. Flying Dreams from “Secret of NIMH”

This one gets hummed more often than not, as dad’s not too sturdy with the lyrics.

1.  Mack the Knife – Bobby Darin

Someday I’ll take her to “The Threepenny Opera” and she’ll have an excuse to fall asleep.



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