A Mass of Incandescent Gas

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So this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, but it seems researchers are having trouble agreeing on something as simple as whether or not an infant should be allowed in direct sunlight.

Yes, the sun.

Angry-SunSkin.  I Hate Skin.


The American Association of Pediatrics released a statement that says infants under 6 months old should stay completely out of the damaging rays of the sun, and instead receive a vitamin D supplement by mouth once per day.

So…  A coven of doctors came to the conclusion that our sun, the wellspring of warmth and energy that all life on the ‘effing planet owes its very existence to, can and should be replaced by squirting a syringe full of chemicals into your baby’s mouth.

Obviously I’m not going to slather Daphne in cooking spray and station her playpen by the pool with a phalanx of solar panels focused on her.  But I’m not buying the pitch that sunlight has somehow become anathema to human beings.  Or that she’s going to look like George Burns when she’s 8 because Jen and I took her on a walk in the sun for 10 minutes every morning.

We need the sun.  And our bodies have relied on it for thousands of years.  Long before we had things like houses and floppy hats and vitamin D supplements…and doctors for that matter.


We need its light.  We need its heat.  We need its energy.
Without the sun, without a doubt, there’d be no you and me.


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