Over the past 24 hours, Daphne has become a bit surly.

We’ve tried our usual remedies for her crying; we’ve fed her, burped her, changed her diaper and checked her for a fever.  None of these have dulcified said moodiness.

saddaph*sniff*  Why couldn’t I have gotten Tom Brady as a dad…

The only thing that seems to assuage this is to put her on your shoulder and start walking around the house.  Nonstop.  For hours.  And the second you attempt to sit down on the couch, or move her to a front-cradled, “normal” baby carrying position, she starts in with the pterodactyl screeching and forces you back up into perambulate mode.

So, me being me, I spent the morning doing a bit of research on this phenomenon.   According to The Wonder Weeks (which is almost as ridiculous a name as “BumbleDad”), week 5 is what they term the first “stormy” week, where infant sensory development advances quite rapidly and babies become a wee bit prickly as a result.   There’s also quite a bit of internal organ growth happening, which can’t be pleasant either.

The phenomenon seems to be corroborated by a bunch of women on parenting forums, who have all gone looking for reasons why their babies are inconsolably freaking the hell out.

So…week 5.  There you go.

Fortunately we got a brief reprieve this morning while she was on her playmat, and distracted by checking her tweets.

playmattweets“Katy Perry did what?”

Jib, however, was very quick to remind us that there’s nothing at all special about just lying on your back…

jibonbackSee?  Nothing to it.  But let Jib ask you this… Can she catch a football in her mouth?


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