CoSniption Fit

The little girl already needed another haircut.

But after the debacle that was the last trip, we were in no rush to start Round 2 of the Coif Wars.

grincuddle99Daphne, you look like a Beatle.


Alas, it was way overdue.  Fortunately her grandmother offered to take her to Snip-Its while Jen and I were at work last week.  To which we very happily agreed, with the silent hope that this time might be easier since she’d already been there once.

And no…  No it was not.

Apparently she hit DAPHCON 1 as soon as they walked through the door, and didn’t calm down until she was far away from all of the slicing/buzzing/chopping implements of keratin torture, and safely ensconced within the car.


She did get a trim, the hair is out of her eyes (for the time being), and she no longer looks like a 60’s pop star.


Your father, however, could clearly do with a bit of grooming…


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