Daphne Drizzle

Next week marks the beginning of “THE BABY DELUGE” ’round these parts.

There are three showers that have already been planned and, given Jen’s two jobs, it feels like more are still out there. Lying in wait.  In dark alleys.
Yes, we’re being stalked by the clandestine baby shower…
Dark, flame-retardant PJs with silent scruffy feet, hooded under a black woobie, crouched low in a drifting haze of talcum powder and, on the breeze, an faint tinge of of vanilla oatmeal and aloe vera.

alleyeyes“I’m teething…”

 Yes, we’re very excited.

The first shower will be at her parent’s place this Sunday, and is mainly for their neighbors and friends.  The second will be at my office on Thursday, which is an incredibly sweet gesture given that I’m the much-maligned “I.T. guy” and as such generally reviled in my workplace.  And the third is at Tony’s Mexican grill in Katy next Sunday, which is for anyone and everyone.

See you there?


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