The new trailer for Fallout IV was released a couple days ago and it looks…interesting.


Just a bit like A Boy and His Dog?

Yes, I know I’m late the the party on this, but I try to only talk about muh gamin’ on Fridays.

Besides, I’ll let you in on a dark secret of mine…  I didn’t much care for the last Fallout.  Yes, I know.
It’s for the same reason that I don’t like any of the Elder Scrolls games, despite having played most of them.  (Yes, I even disliked Norway Simulator Skyrim.)

I just find them to be a bit tedious.  It may well be a shortcoming of mine, but I prefer a narrative boundary when playing games.   And trudging across a post-apocalyptic wasteland got tiresome after a few hours of seeing the exact same tileset.

I’m much more of a Bioshock guy where things like that are concerned.  I don’t mind the rails, as long as you’re telling me a really good story while I’m on them.

And speaking of narrative-focused gaming, I finished up The Wolf Among Us last Sunday and, despite being a little buggy, it was really quite good.  I think Jen actually enjoyed watching the story unfold too.  Although it’s quite possible she was patiently humoring me since I’d monopolized the television with it for the entire weekend.

I think I’m going to try their Game of Thrones version as well, once the actual HBO season ends.  (Which, sadly, is just 2 short episodes away.)

Oh, that reminds me…  Has anyone seen The Babadook?

I’ve heard really good things about it and, based on the merit of those reviews alone, I’m planning on picking it up tonight and watching it with Jen.  She’s quite the aficionado of the horror genre, and it’s been a very long time since we’ve seen a decent horror film.  Although if it sucks, and if you could get back to me in the next few hours with that information, I’d appreciate it before I drop ze tventy on it.

See you Monday.


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