American Boo

Daphne received an animatronic “Boo the Dog” as a gift and it’s become one of her favorite toys this week.

If you press a button on the tail, Boo waddles his way forward while playing American Authors, “Best Day of My Life.”

The most surprising part about this is that, despite being filled with robotic innards, it’s one of the first stuffed animals that Daph has actually wanted to carry around/hug.

“Okay, now make it go again, Daddy.”

This stands in stark contrast to the Juke, however, which now officially pales in comparison to the Millennium Falcon.

“What does a girl have to do to get a Dejarik game back here?”

She hasn’t shown any interest in rolling cars around or kicking soccer balls, but she “whooshed” the Falcon around a little bit after I modeled the behavior with Kylo Ren’s shuttle on Sunday…

Baby steps.


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