Party Like You’re 730 Days Old

Saturday saw our family gathering for Daphne’s 2nd birthday.

Jen did a fantastic job getting all the decorations and cupcakes organized.

Obviously Daphne really enjoyed the balloons.

As a matter of fact, I think she enjoyed the entire day. She was in a great mood throughout, and while she’s typically slow to warm up to new toys, she was really engaged with most of the things we handed her.

Of course, she did need a bit of time to get in her required reading.


There was a fantastic haul of new gifts, all of which I pulled, pieced, and powered while Daphne played. (Which also meant that I was not behind a camera for the majority of the festivities, so I’m super happy about Grandma sending over the pics that she took…)

And, as I’ve said not nearly often enough, we are incredibly lucky to have such an awesome group of grandparents and family and friends around. I don’t know what we’d do without you guys.



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