Weekending Again

I have Office 365 admin training all week, so the posts will be even more sparse right now.

But here’s a bit from our weekend.

Friday was Daphne’s 2-year doctor visit.  And she was not happy about this.  Alas, we muddled through it, she got her booster shot, and they determined that she’s in the 97th percentile for length and 44th for weight.

Yes, I have a tall, skinny, blonde Texas daughter…

Saturday saw a lot more relaxing around the house, and playing with our toys upstairs…

Then, once the sun had moved to the other side of the house, we went out in the backyard to play with the water table and continue the indoctrination into The Sandbox Experience.

She hasn’t climbed into it just yet, but she’s started to show interest and is putting her hands in the sand from the outside now.

Oh, this one bears some explanation.  See that motion she’s doing with her hand? That means “Sing me ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider, please.'”

And we do this, over and over and over again.

But hey, it’s some kind of communication…so we’re encouraging it.

On BumbleDay we had a huge breakfast of 4 scrambled eggs, a slice of toast and 3 strawberries with 20 oz. of apple juice.

All gone?

That was delicious, Daddy.

Then we went for a walk around the nature path in our neighborhood in the Daphwagon.

The usual nap/grocery store run ensued, after which we called it a weekend.

And speaking of time off, I just looked at the calendar and Jen has less than 3 weeks to go before her summer vacation. I think I look forward to that (almost) as much as she does.
My favorite way to start a workday is having coffee with her before I start my commute.


Okay, back to class.

Talk to you soon.


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