Bast to My Roots



Just a couple things before I pull the cord and startup this here weekend…

First, a beautiful new Overwatch movie dropped.  And it’s for one of my favorite characters in the game, Bastion.

Seriously, that music is amazing…

Poor Bastion doesn’t have a very competitive list of abilities (having zero mobility in “turret mode” is a more than serious drawback), and so I don’t get to play him that often.  But it’s nice to see him and Ganymede (that’s his bird’s name), frolicking in the forest, as opposed to mowing people down with a gatling gun.

In other Blizzard-related gaming news, I’ve gone back to playing a little World of Warcraft in preparation for the launch of “Legion” in 10 days.


It’s always weird when I fire WoW up after a lengthy hiatus.  It’s hard to describe to someone who doesn’t play a lot of these kinds of games, but the gameplay feels familiar and effortless.  There are no sensations of, “what the hell is that?” or “wait, how do I do this?
I just know where everything is and how to get things done.

In an odd way, it feels a little like coming home.  I’m looking forward to doing some leveling in a couple Tuesdays time.

I am absolutely dying for some weekend-style food.  Russo’s Pizza has me by the collar and is screaming my name right now, but I’m not sure if I’m going to feel like going back out and getting it once I’m in for the night…

Let’s go find out!

See you Monday.


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