Vinyl is Killing the MP3 Industry

We finally got around to listening to some records over coffee on Sunday morning, which made for a fantastic way to start the day and, surprisingly, one happy little Daphne.

It kicked off with a familial favorite, Lord Huron.  She seemed fine with this, and spent the majority of the album lying in her Snugamonkey and looking surprised by the complexity of what she was hearing.  After all, before this it’s been mostly lullabies, “soothing” digital sound effects, and her father’s off-key renditions of the aforementioned songs.

Ask your mother about this song sometime.

Then we switched gears and retreated to a classic, R.E.M’s “Green” album.  Thankfully, she wasn’t nearly as big a fan of “Stand” as I expected her to be. She did, however, giggle a bit during “Orange Crush,” which I think is a positive nod toward budding musical taste.

At least it wasn’t “Shiny Happy People.”

Then Postal Service called to me from the vinyl cupboard, and I had to go to them.  At least, for about half of “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” anyway, before Daphne went utterly ballistic.  Apparently we don’t care much for the lo-fi aesthetic.  Message received; moving on.

We’ll work on this one…

Finally, we landed on Alt-J’s “An Awesome Wave” and this was, hands down, her favorite.  Although it’s quite possible that this preference was skewed by her father careening around the living room while holding her in his arms and singing along with the ubiquitous “LA-LA-LA-LA!“s  that pepper the entire album.  And this was so much fun that we started the album over once it finished, and went around again.

The lyrics are impossible to decipher and probably unimportant anyway…

Honorable mention goes out to Photek’s Ni Ten Ichi Ryu, which I surreptitiously played for Daphne while her mom was busy in the other room.


Your dad used to play this stuff at clubs, for roughly a dozen people at a time.

Good times…  See you tomorrow.


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