Father’s Day

As you can see, my first Father’s Day was pretty laid back.  In fact, it was like most weekend days for me.  I just played the game of, “How Do I Keep This Kid Happy?” all day.
As for gifts, I got a few fantastic books to read to Daphne, and the puppies got me TV on the Radio’s new album, “Seeds” on vinyl.

I saw them at The Proletariat back in ’04.  /hipsterflex

Come to think of it, I’m a little worried about that parcel.  It’s getting awfully hot during the day, and vinyl doesn’t react well to bulletsh heat.  Hopefully it won’t get all warpy on its long sojourn down here to Tejas.  That goes for the Leon Bridges album I ordered on Thursday too…

You know, maybe I should hold off on ordering vinyl until autumn…

I also got to skip the grocery store trip on Sunday (Jen went yesterday), so that was an unforeseen bonus.  Although my wife and I both agreed that once Daphne has her second round of vaccines this Thursday, she’ll be ready for public consumption (so to speak), and we’ll start taking her out with us to more places.  And the first one that springs to mind will be to Whole Foods, where she will sit for a few moments while her father destroys a gruyere & baby swiss on sourdough with a microbrew.

Yes…she will do this.  Or I swear by God, there will be smoke in the city.

See you tomorrow.


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