Hi there.

So as I mentioned on Thursday, I had a wedding in Plano to attend over the weekend.  So I said my goodbyes on Friday morning and pointed the Juke northward.

howlong“You’re leaving?”

And, I don’t mind saying, that’s one heckuva drive from Houston.  Although there’s a certain Zen that happens when driving on country roads; one I hope you’re all familiar with.  And if not, it’s worth it to go find a back road somewhere and just drive for a few hours.

Even if you have to make silly videos to entertain yourself along the way

It also gave me a chance to absorb the entirety of the new Death Cab album which was…pretty good.  The soft chord play and riffs that happen halfway through Ingenue are particularly impressive if you’re into that kinda thing.  And I am.

The wedding itself was lovely.  But I’ll not go into much about it because it’s not my place to do so.   I can say that a good time was had by all.  The bride and groom seemed very happy and (SPOILER ALERT) they ended up married at the end.  So mission accomplished.

jertuxweddHmm…  There’s a lot more grey in that beard than I recall.

The trip did afford me a chance to wander around by myself for a little while, and exploring new cities is near the top of the “Jer’s Favorite Activities in This World” list.  (One I so rarely get to partake in these days…)  So I jumped at the chance to get lost in Plano for a little while on Saturday morning while the rest of the gentlemen in the wedding party went to Top Golf.

I ended up walking along 15th Street (don’t ask me how I got there), and stopped into Angela’s at the Crosswalk for brunch.  I had the Texas Breakfast (eggs, bacon, fruit), which was fantastic.  Their cook actually knows what “scrambled hard” means and I salute him/her for it.  In fact, the only negative I took away from the entire experience was The Beverage Incident.

 icedojSee this?  This should not be.

Yes, I ordered an orange juice with breakfast, and it arrived on ice.  That should never, never, EVER happen.  It did, however, pique my curiosity.  How many of you drink your OJ sur la glace?

Because if you do, you’re part of the goddamn problem and you should stop.

I also found a children’s boutique called Sweet as Sugar, where I met a very nice lady (who also happened to own the store), and where I found an awesome onesie for Daphne.


Adorable; I know.

It’s made by a company called Out of Print Clothing, and for every shirt/onesie they sell, they donate a book to Books for Africa.  This is a premise I liked so much that I bought their Pride & Prejudice shirt for Jen, and their Catch-22 (in Russian!), shirt for myself.

(Yes, they’re being shipped to us right now, sweetie.  You’re welcome.  =]  )

Okay, I think that catches you up to this morning…

Talk to you kids tomorrow.


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