So, rather than giving things as gifts, I much prefer to purchase experiences for the people I care about.  Like flight lessons, or escape rooms, or, for my father’s birthday yesterday, indoor skydiving.


And I’ll tell you all right now; this is a very, very cool thing.

You basically float around in a giant tube (a la Fizzy Lifting Drinks), buffeted upward by 80+ mph winds, where you batter against the glass sides not entirely unlike a moth beating against a windowpane.

Flight of the BumbleDad

It does bear mentioning, however, that this is a hobby for the slightly well-off.  The “Family Package” I purchased yesterday was about $300 for 5 flyers, at 1 minute per flight.  But it was worth every penny to be able to talk about the experience afterward with my family, and I’ve no doubt it will be a thing we’ll laugh about for years to come.  Although if it were slightly less expensive?  Yeah.  This would be something I’d do with serious regularity…

Also, see that guy who’s spotting us in the video?  That’s Jay.  Jay is an absolute badass.   If you want to attempt this and you’re in the Houston area, definitely ask for him.


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