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T-66 to D-Day

66 Days to go, and all seems to be well.  I’ve been poring over the minutiae of the items on our baby registry and rampaging with my Orks on the weekends.  Jen is rather tired from her two jobs, but is hanging in there.  She’s also been having Higgs Boson Braxton Hicks contractions, which are apparently completely normal at this stage.  And finally, Daphne is, as far as we know, gestating quite nicely.  We’ll be back for another ultrasound next week to check on her progress.

So I’ve a rather random question for you parents out there.  Did any of you have dreams involving your child before they were born?

Because I haven’t had a single dream about Daphne yet.  Jen has had a pregnancy nightmare, but not anything about Daphne herself or about being a parent.

You would think that, given all the time spent thinking, planning, talking and reading about your first child, your subconscious would build scenarios about this little thing that you’re so focused on.  I mean, when I was in a hardcore raiding guild in WoW, half of my dreams had an Xperl unit frame around them.  But not a single dream about our baby yet.

I’ve been taking an informal poll today, and so far it would seem that I’m not alone in this.  Not a single person I’ve talked to has dreamt about their kid before her/his birth.

So, Internet, has anyone out there had prenatal dreams about their child?


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  1. Only had one it was with you and you were a boy of about 8 in my dream and hated the name Jeremy and asked me why I gave you that stupid name…. Only time and obviously I did not take it to heart ! Love you

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