Zut Alors! I Have Missed One…

Yep, no post yesterday.  Sorry.

I spent the entire day trying to get the Juke up to speed.  (DADPUN!)

It was overdue for its 75,000 mile check-up, a state inspection, an oil change, and it desperately needed a bath. (Those damn Texas “love bugs” are everywhere right now, and my grill looks like an insect Hall of Faces.)

lovebuggrillNot quite this bad…but it was still pretty gross.

What I didn’t realize, until they took my keys and drove the car away, was that it was going to take them almost 7 hours to have this done.


And so I trudged my way over to the Dirt Mall down the road, and amused myself there until well after 5:00.

I watched Zootopia at the mall theatre (don’t judge me, it was the only thing playing at that time in the morning), then spent 3 hours scouring well-hidden clearance racks for deals.

And it was actually time well spent.  I came home with a couple pairs of Calvin Klein chinos, a Ralph Lauren blouse for Jen, and a bunch of Banana Republic summery V-neck shirts, all for about $80.

Although here’s a fun fact about me: I suffer wracking guilt when I’m not at work and spending money.
It feels…irresponsible?
Or like I take my job for granted?


I can’t quite pin it down, but it’s an awful feeling.

Anyway, the Juke is back, firing on all cylinders, and hopefully won’t require a day like that for another 25,000 miles.  *knocks on wood*

See you tomorrow,


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