Yule Get Nothing and Like It

You’ve let me down again, AT&T.

The [Death] Star of Bethlehem

Every year around the holidays, we put a weird channel on our U-Verse service and let it play for hours on end.  It broadcasted 30-minute vignettes of holiday lights, “winter wonderland” vistas, Christmas carols, and, my personal favorite, the Yule Log.

Channel 1100°

That’s right.  I watch a burning log.  On television.  For a half-hour.  Don’t judge.   Besides, it’s way more exciting than any of that stuff they put on HGTV…

Alas, it seems that sometime in March of this year, the smackerheads running the American Telephone & Telegraph company decided to remove the Showcase channel, never to return.

I didn’t realize this until we were trimming our Christmas tree and there was no Yule Log channel to be had, anywhere.  I was so distraught by this that I called their service line to ask what had happened to the channel, and if it was coming back.

The poor girl I spoke to had absolutely no clue what I was talking about (English was not her first language), and she kept asking me to check various channels to see if they were what I was looking for.

“You try channah 1502?”
“That’s MTV.”
“Oh.  Hold now.”
“Sure!  I appreciate you checkin-”
**Muzak comes on and I wait 5 minutes**
“Sir?  You try channah 1265?”
“Um, that’s National Geographic.”
“Oh.  Hold now.”
“Sure.  Thanks aga-”
**Muzak comes back**

This went on for about 45 minutes until she conferred with a supervisor who said that AT&T Showcase (the actual name of the channel) had been removed and, “there no plan is to put back now.”


So I guess this year we’re going to have to YouTube our Yule Log.

I’m thinking this one…


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  1. Netflix has an awesome fireplace. I even convinced my kids that warmth was coming from the TV…..

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