Yep, I’m Back…Sorta.

Hi there.

Yes, I know. It’s been almost 3 weeks. But I do have a pretty good excuse…

So, in what we’ve taken to calling “The Christmas Miracle,” I got a job offer about 30 hours before Xmas morning.

Not only is it roughly the same pay as my old job, it’s also 100% remote, so I’ll be working from home. Which means I get to keep my Mornings with Daphne, and I might even get to continue going to swim lessons if I can squeeze them in during “lunch.”

“Not tryin’ to hear that, old man…”

It qualifies as a “miracle” because my 6-month emergency reserves, which I’d somehow stretched out to last for almost 14 months, were getting perilously close to hitting “E.”

But, I officially started the job yesterday. Which means I’m coming to you “live” from a hotel room in “The Colony.”

Be it ever so humble…

Yes, I still had to come up to their office for training, which will go on for the rest of the month.

And yes, I’m already sifting through my phone for videos of my wife and Daphne, because I’m missing them so much.

Like this one, Daphne’s latest swim video…

And this one, featuring my beautiful wife rocking and singing to our little girl…

It’s going to be incredibly hard for me to be away from them for so long…

Fortunately, the PAX South gaming convention has returned once again this weekend, and so we’re all going to meet in Seguin tomorrow, then stay in a hotel in San Antonio on Saturday night before I have to return to “The Colony” (which sounds rather ominous…) for the week.

And somewhere in all this I have to finish that writing assignment I mentioned in my last post, continue to cultivate my little virtual reality start-up, and maybe find time to sleep in there somewhere.

But! I didn’t want to let another week go by without saying “hi” to all of you, and to at least let you know why the posting’s been so scarce of late.

I’ll talk to you soon, hopefully next time with pics from PAX!


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