Been a Minute…

Hi there.

Yep. Been a few weeks. Sorry about that.

But, in my defense, I have been in Plano for job training, which has been not entirely unlike standing in front of an informational fire hose for 9 hours at a clip. And in my rare spare time I’ve been trying to write 11,000 words for a game publisher, finish a proofing job, and, somewhere in there, find time to work on my little start-up.

Which means I’ve had next to no “spare time” to speak of… For about a month.

But things have settled slightly, or at least enough for me to bang out a quick post here in the next 15 minutes or so.

So where were we? PAX? 
**checks post history**
Yep, PAX.

You know, I didn’t really get many pictures at PAX this year. And to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed with it. This is probably going to sound curmudgeonly, but this was the first year where it felt like everyone there was busy trying to be a productLots of kids with their Mixer, Twitch and YouTube channels advertised on shirts and poster boards. And tons of people streaming video throughout the halls.

I feel the same way about that as I do about the people who record concerts. At some point, stop amassing data on your life and take a moment or two to live it. 

And you know it’s bad when the guy who has a blog where he posts pictures and videos of his kid all the time thinks you’re being excessive…

Like these, for example, which are the only ones I have from PAX.

Anyway, I don’t want to harp on that. Suffice to say I’m not entirely sure if we’ll be returning to PAX next year.
So let’s move on.

After PAX I still had 2 more weeks of training in Plano. And I’ll tell you, I don’t know how those “road warrior” types do it. I was completely OVER living out of that hotel room by the second week, and I desperately wanted to be back home. So much so, that I did whatever I could to feel connected to my family.

Like eating these for lunch.

Between you and me, I’ll be quite happy if I don’t see another hotel room until 2020.
Late 2020.

But now to Daphne.

So we’ve been doing the potty training thing pretty hard these past weeks. And honestly Daph has been off-and-on with the whole process. Last week we had a stretch where she was using the potty both at school and at Gramps & Nana’s house…but not at home.
This week she’s not using any of them, anywhere.
I know. It’s a process…  Hopefully they had some luck with it at school today.

In other Daphne news, I had to evict her from her playroom upstairs and have turned it into the following:

Not nearly as entertaining as foam letters and a play kitchen.

But given that I’m working with patient health information, and given how loud Alex can be, I absolutely have to be able to close the door in order to work from home.

And that’s where I’m writing this little post from right now, before it’s time for Daphne’s bath.

Oop! And the water just stopped…so I’m on my way.

See you (hopefully) soon.


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