Vulcan Eyes

Afraid I don’t have much of a post in me today as I’m sitting here at a Discount Tire, waiting to have the Juke’s shoes replaced.

Very action.  Much excite. 

 And honestly, typing posts with my thumbs is an exercise in irritation.  By way of example, it just took me 3 tries to successfully type “irritation.”   (An exercise in irrigation would be interesting though, iPhone.)
You know, I can’t complain too much about my tires.  I rocked 64,000 miles on the ones that came stock on the Juke and never had a single problem.  Nicely done, Goodyear.

Jen had her 6 week follow-up with her doctor this morning, so I ran solo on Daph Duty for the am.

Oy vey…

This morning also marked my first foray into the realm of The Boppy.  And it was a utilization of necessity, as my arm was going numb at 6am from holding her.  Fortunately, Daphne took to it wonderfully and immediately sacked out within its strange and magnificent, horseshoe-shaped embrace.

Daphne sat in her playpen for a while, and I read the weekly Healthcare IT newspaper to her.

And Baby Bear said, ‘Here are the 8 facets of Meaningful Use – Stage 3.”

Turns out the doctor visit was quite quick, and her report came back fine; it seems Jen is completely healed from the bodily effects of D-Day.  Which is truly amazing.  I’d be in bed for years if something like that happened to my body.

Oh hey!

Getting there… 

See you tomorrow.


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