Night of the Nappies

Happy Monday.

So, after almost 7 weeks of diaper shuffling, I’m getting a better idea of the differences in brands and which ones work best for Little D.

First and foremost, Huggies, which appear to be semi-permeable and would probably function admirably as cheesecloth.  Daphne has had several fecal eruptions (some of which have soiled blankets, toys, walls, ceilings and pets) and nearly every one of these blowouts has had the lowly Huggie as a common denominator.  As such, we have sworn off Huggies, and moved on to sturdier pastures.


We were gifted a box of Honest Co. diapers, which we’ve been making our way through this past week.  And they’re working quite well.  Daphne had a bowel movement in 4 parts yesterday (a scatological symphony) while lying in her Snugamonkey, and if we’d been relying on the osmotic retention of a Huggie we would’ve had to condemn the house.  That thing was brimming with foul, extra chunky peanut butter-esque, infant poop.  But the Honest Co. diaper held strong until I could rush her (arms extended and nose averted), to the changing table.  So they get full marks for construction.  That said, and as is often the case, there’s a direct relationship between strength and bulkiness.  And after I’m done taping up one of these things Daphne looks like she’s smuggling a kilo of Colombian in her onesie.  And so the Honest Co. gets a middle of the road rating.  Not bad at all, but probably won’t hang our (s)hat on them.



Which leaves us with the winner of the Great Poop Off 2015.

The noble Pamper.

These have been our go-to diaper; a rock, so to speak.  And despite my penchant for referring to diaper blowouts as “Pampsplosions,” we’ve yet to have one in an actual Pamper.  These were actually the brand they used at Texas Children’s Hospital, and I must agree with that choice.  Pampers have a jaunty fit, and are nearly as sturdy as the Honest Co. nappies without being able to double as a airbag.  They also feature adorable Sesame Street characters, although I do sometimes feel bad for them.

elmodiaperIf you had any idea what was coming for you, Elmo, you wouldn’t be smiling like that.  

So there you go.  Our preferred diaper.  Consider your Monday complete.

See you tomorrow.



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