The Vigilance of Dogs

There’s something supremely interesting about the interaction of dogs and babies.

Some dogs are threatened by a sudden demotion to middle management, while others run headlong into their new calling as “Furry Protector of the Tiny Helpless Human.”

Alex Lobo is the former, and while he does show a mild interest in Daphne (particularly when she’s making a lot of noise), he’s much more concerned about where her arrival puts him in the Great Pack Pecking Order.


To be honest, we’re a little concerned about his propensity for aggressive behavior; more so once Daphne starts to crawl and can easily grab him.  But I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it

Jib, on the other hand, has become Cerberus.

jibguardingdaph2“Mess with this little girl and I won’t need three heads to deal with you.”

Rarely is he far from Daphne, and he seems to know exactly where she is at all times.  (Which reminds me, I need to see if he knows her name.  I’ll try a “Jib, where’s Daphne?” when I get home.)
When Daphne wakes up and wails for her 4am feeding, Jib almost always comes upstairs and waits dutifully at my feet while I give her a bottle and put her back to bed.  And if I move too far away from her during our morning walks (after he or Alex has befouled a neighbor’s yard, for example), he makes a beeline for her stroller to guard her while I’m away.

jibkisswalkI’ve never taught him to do this; pure canine instinct.

Granted, he’s less than patient with Daphne’s penchant for grabbing his face.  But he doesn’t growl or nip when she yanks on his whiskers or scratches his eyes.  He just sighs and harrumphs his way slightly out of her reach.

The finest of dogs, that one.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Alex very much.  But…I mean…


Like it gets better than that?


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