Turns Out I Was Prepared


Yup.  A whole lotta WoW happened this week.

First and foremost, allow me to apologize for the whole “BumbleDad has gone LIVE” Facebook spam thing last Saturday.  A streaming feature had just been added to all Blizzard games and I had no idea it was going alert my news feed that I was sitting around the house on a Saturday afternoon, trying to learn the new map on Overwatch…

Sorry about that.

Anyway, my snooze time this week has been victimized by copious amounts of World of Warcraft.  Ever since it launched on Tuesday, I’ve been getting roughly 5 hours of sleep per night.  although I’m very near level-capped with my Priest so…worth it?

I also now have a kick ass flying cat mount…

silph1With a tiny pet kitty to match.  (I know.  Try to contain your jealousy.)

I’m quite certain I’ll have “Silph” there capped out at 110 by tomorrow.  At which point I’ll start work on leveling my monk (Shibashi) and my warrior (Gibbous) at some point during the long weekend.

Yes, I know.  But as I mentioned last week, it’s just an inexplicable compulsion I have.   I’m aware it’s weird.

Okay, I’ve got some stuff I really need to finish up before the holiday weekend starts so I’m going to bounce out of here.

Tune in next Tuesday when we’ll discuss the Labor Day holiday, phantom freckles, and Hair Day II: Bawling Boogaloo.


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