Rounding the Corner

This statement is slightly blasphemous ’round my house, given that I’m married to a teacher, but I am SO glad the summer is finally waning.


Yes, I know that autumn doesn’t officially begin for another 3 weeks.  And, because I live in Texas, I am astutely aware that a real fall won’t show up down here until around Halloween.  (If at all.)

But today is September.  So the promise of fall is beckoning.

The promise of cool fronts and sweaters and opening house windows and football and fall foliage and Walking Dead and Thanksgiving and all the awesome things that the holidays bring. (And this is saying nothing of lower A/C bills.)  Soon I’ll be able to go outside without becoming drenched in sweat within the first 60 seconds.  Be able to take Daphne on a walk in her wagon without worrying about her getting overheated.


I’ve even grown to love the weird decorative gourds that my wife puts out during this time of year, if only because it’s clear how much she adores them.

itsdecorativegourdseasonFrom one of my favorite (but very NSFW) McSweeney’s articles

It also means we’ve rounded the corner on the summer of 2016, and are in the home stretch toward 2017.  Which means I just might make it through another leap year alive.  Inexplicably, the worst years of my life have always been leap years.  And despite the joy that my daughter has brought me, this one still ranks pretty high among the worst I’ve ever had.  (And 2016 isn’t done with us yet; we still have 1/3 of it left.)

Hopefully the rest will go smoothly.

See you tomorrow.


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