TOP FIVE – Two Months


So here they are.  The Top Five things, in ascending order of preference, that my daughter loves.

5.  My Watch


This one is a recent development, but over the past few days my watch has suddenly become fascinating.  To the point where her eyes fixate on it as her swing rocks back and forth like a Daphne-weighted pendulum.  I assume it’s the high contrast black and white that makes it both interesting, and easy to see.  That or she’s terribly disappointed that her old man rocks a Timex.   (I know.  I’d very much like to wear a Shinola, but you’ve put a damper on your father spending frivolously on himself.)


4.   Her Playmat



While typically fleeting, there are very few places on Earth where she giggles and wiggles with such ferocity.  She alternates between punching the little bird there on the left (an activity we’ve dubbed, “checking her Tweets”), and kicking at a giant stuffed die that a family member made for her.  Both make her ridiculously happy.  She’s also getting perilously close to being able to roll over on her stomach in there.  That said, she wasn’t too thrilled this morning when Dad “helped” by knocking her completely over every time she turned on her side.


3.   Yoo Hoo!

I’m probably going to regret referencing this movie before I’m forced to watch it (ad nauseum), with her, but she currently thinks that Dad making Oaken’s, “YOO HOO!” noise is comedic genius.  And so he does so…often.  Pity my wife.


2.   Changing Table

changing talbe


Yes, my daughter is never as happy as when she’s lying on her changing table.  There have been times when she’s crying inconsolably that I’ve placed her on this thing in order to soothe her…and it’s worked.  (There have been other times where this caused her to smile and cry at the same time, causing her father to worry about her emotional wiring.)    I’ve no idea why this works, except that it provides her with an unobstructed view of her favorite thing in the world…


1.  Ceiling Fans



Still the grand champion of our household, handily defeating playthings, pets and parents.   She’s loved the damn ceiling fan from the moment we brought her home from the hospital, and she first looked upon it.  Ever since, nothing makes her smile and giggle more than simply gazing up at its tentacular whirliness.
I suppose that means I’m going to have to install one in her nursery…sigh.


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