So I mentioned how much Daphne and I loved the game “Flower” a while back.  And it occurred to me that the creators of the game might find it nice to see their game being enjoyed by such a disparate age range.  So I left them a note on their Facebook page, and promptly forgot about it.

Until yesterday.

I guess they just looked at their “Post to Page” section and found our picture there…

daphneflowergameThis one.

And they decided to share it on their main page, claiming it was their favorite photo for the day, which was awfully nice of them.

But then the Internet arrived.


And while half of the comments were of the “that’s sweet” variety, there were several who couldn’t resist the opportunity to Interpulpit and chastise me for how bad this is for Daphne’s eyes, or how they’d never put pictures of their kids on Facebook, or how she shouldn’t be playing games at all…   And one person who apparently has “so many game ideas.  for kids who love the forest.  raiden is the character that we love.

I have no idea what that means.

Oh well.  I guess it could always be worse.  We could’ve been playing CoD.  Or, God forbid, League of Legends.


Naturally this has nothing to do with the game publisher, but I thought it interesting that the Internet is still the Internet, even in when traversing the domain of soft and beautifully cooperative games.



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