Okay, so that was a slightly brutal way to start a day.

Today marks Jen’s first day back at work, and so it was just Daphne and me all morning.  On Jen’s way out the door before dawn, the dogs went apeshit (like they do), and woke Little D up.  And the first thing she did was soak her PJs in urine, then start crying.  (At least I assume it was in that order…)

So I went upstairs, changed her diaper/outfit, gave her a bottle until she got tired, then put her back in her crib and tried to go back to sleep.

I managed about 30 minutes of rest before the sun boiled its way up the horizon and, given the happy squealing noises that were coming from the baby monitor, the little one was clearly wide awake.  So I went back upstairs, carried her down, and plopped her into the SnugaMonkey while I took a shower.

And, to give my daughter her due, she was angelic while I did this.  She just burbled a little and entertained herself by munching on the hem of her PJs.  In fact, she didn’t start getting fussy until I was almost completely dressed.

Next stop, Bottletown.  But she didn’t really seem all that interested, drinking only an ounce of it before pushing it away and trying to sit up on her own.  So we played on my lap for a little bit, then I put her into the Joovy Yahd while I fed the dogs, made coffee, scrambled some eggs, and put my shoes on.

And again, she was just fine while I did so.  (I can’t imagine how difficult this is going to become when she doesn’t want to do these things.)

Now came the tricky part: the dog walk.

roughmorningdaph“Wait, we’re gonna do what?”

Now I’d originally intended on just bringing Jib on the walk (because he doesn’t require a leash), but Alex witnessed me pulling the poop bags out of the cabinet and became super excited, running in circles and yapping happily.   Maybe I’m a sap, but after such an exhibition of joy I just couldn’t leave him behind.

So all 4 of us headed out.  And almost immediately Alex strained against his leash and began barking at the neighbors.  Jib, in turn, got nearly half a block ahead of us and was threatening to cross the street without me.  All this while I tried to maneuver myself into position to keep the sun out of Daphne’s eyes.

Yeah, turns out that’s too much.

So poor Alex got his walk cut short and had to be put back into the house after a mere half lap around the cul-de-sac.
I’m not sure how I’m going to pull that one off yet; it’s apparently going to require some more planning.

To make matters worse, when we got back I had to lock the little guy in an upstairs bedroom because Norma is coming to clean today and Alex attacks her if he’s not sequestered away.
This sent both dogs into Barkfest 2015.
Alex rages because he knows he’s going to be stuck in there all day.  And Jib thinks I’ve accidentally locked Alex up, so he howls and paws at the door in a panic, trying to communicate to me that I am an idiot and have locked his brother in a bedroom again.

This while I’m trying to get my coffee into a travel mug and grab a couple extra outfits for Little D. before I drive her to her grandparents’ house for the day.

And it was at this point that Daphne decided she’d had enough of laying down and tried to sit up out of her car seat.  But, once she found out she was strapped in, she became…most displeased.

Flustered, I grabbed my coffee, the outgoing mail, her change of clothes, and her car seat and headed out the door while Jib barked and spun in circles.  Leaving her socks behind.  Dammit.  Fortunately, D. was okay with the car ride and seemed content once we got to my dad’s place.  And they had an extra pair of socks for her, so all was okay.

And, at the end of all this, I still had a 45-minute commute and a full day at the office to look forward to.   *sigh*

Hopefully all this will get easier.  Or perhaps it won’t, and I’ll just get used to it.

Regardless, it was a difficult morning.


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