Tai Cheesed

Nope, didn’t make it again.

I had every intention of going to tai chi yesterday, and I left my office at 4:45pm just so I wouldn’t be late for the 6pm class.

The total distance between my office and the…uh, the tai chi dojo thing…is exactly 15.4 miles.
That’s it.  15 miles.
So I hop in my car an hour and 15 minutes early, thinking that will give me a chance to change into comfortable attire once I get there.

Fast forward to 5:45, and there I am, sitting at a dead stop at I-10 & Hwy 6…furious.  I’d made it just over 7 miles in one hour.  There were no accidents, no construction, no rain of frogs, just the daily plague that is Houston rush hour traffic.

Suffice to say, I’ll not be attempting any 6pm tai chi classes anytime soon.

Fortunately, it did allowed me to come home earlier than usual to this little one:
daphzoomwalkersteps“Hop in!”

Who is tearing around the house in that thing like Goggles Paesano.




Okay, I’m off.  See you tomorrow.


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