The girl has officially added a new state of matter to her gastronomic repertoire.

She’s starting solids.

Well, sorta solid anyway.  It’s rice cereal (which is presumably part of a nutritious breakfast for rice), mixed with a whole lot of Similac.  We gave her a few spoonfuls this past weekend but got quite a bit of fussy pushback for our trouble.  However last night something clicked and she hit her munchy stride, bolstered no doubt by the myriad ridiculous yummy sounds her parents were making, and she ate about 1/2 a bowl.

daphricefaceShe wore another 1/4 of it.

This had the fantastic side-effect of keeping her asleep for almost 8 hours straight, so I think Jackson Pollocking our way through a bowl of rice cereal is going to become a nightly event.

Speaking of which, we’ve recently discovered the necessity for officially sanctioned naptimes.   Originally we embraced a more laissez-faire policy, and assumed that Daphne would just sleep when she’s tired and be awake when she felt like being awake.  But after the non-stop wailapalooza that was this past weekend, and the subsequent hypothesis that said fussiness was due to overstimulation, we’ve fast-tracked legislation through the house that mandates at least three naps per day.

This apparently worked beautifully yesterday, so we’re going to keep that up too.

Hmm…  Kids need naps.

Who knew?


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  1. The rice cereal kept her asleep for more like six and a half hours, but that’s ok. It’s still progress!

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