Another night, another non-stop sleep marathon.

This time she went to bed (er…”went to crib?”) at 9 and slept straight through to about 7am.

That, my friends, is the sound of winning.

I mean sure, we accidentally turned the volume on the baby monitor off during Hard Knocks last night…  But Jen awoke several times and glanced at the video monitor and Daphne was sleeping peacefully each time.

Which reminds me, I finally gave up on GLaDOS.  That thing isn’t worth the cardboard it’s packaged in.  Despite repeated emails and discussions with their tech support, we simply couldn’t get it to connect to a standard AT&T wi-fi router.  Unfortunately, it had been way too long to secure a refund from Babies-R-Us for the plastic-sheathed excrement, and so we have a $250 paperweight if anyone’s interested.

Obviously I had to buy a new monitor, and this time I went with the Summer Sharp View HD.

summermonitor2Not nearly as sexy as the other one…

This one, I’m pleased to say, has been just about perfect.  It doesn’t connect to a wi-fi, and it doesn’t connect to a phone.  There’s just a small antenna in the back that broadcasts to the monitor.  That’s it.  And out of the box, it just works.

Occasionally it does lose the signal from the camera, and when this happens it emits a really irritating sequence of loud beeps.  But if that’s the worst thing about it, then that’s pretty damn good by comparison.  GLaDOS just booted up, waggled its eyeball at me a little, then sat there.


I hate that thing.


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