So the American Academy of Pediatrics has begrudgingly admitted that maybe TV isn’t as bad for our kids as they first thought.

The results of their study, laymanized HERE, basically reverse earlier guidelines that children under the age of 2 should never look at digital screens and older kids should be severely limited in their viewing time.

facemeltingAnd they should never be allowed to watch Cop Rock.

Well.  It certainly took them long enough.

Now this is anecdotal, but I began reading when I was 2 partly because I spent HOURS watching Sesame Street.  The side effect of which was a predilection toward precocious conversational tone and a crippling phobia of “The Doo Doo.”


I can only make it through about 30 seconds of this video; he still frightens me.

I can say that Daphne has already started getting quite a bit of screen time, and she’s being properly steeped in the classics.




Naturally, these videos contain countless lessons about proper cultural interaction within the human social dynamic, and are the bedrock upon which functional adulthood is built.  (It’s also hysterical when dad sings, “manah, manah!” into her neck.)  As such, we watch them nearly every morning.

She also is a huge fan of something called, Super Why, which is fine…I suppose…

Nope.  I don’t get the appeal…

I’d like to see Wyatt bring that weak “Power to Read!” nonsense into the Octagon versus a nectarine-fueled, turnbuckle-eating monster like The Gonk…

Anyway, there was one part of the AAP’s study that I found rather disturbing.  Specifically, they now claim that, “Social media can support identity formation.”  And that, my friends, seems like a terrifying prospect…



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