Radio Silence

I know, I missed Monday’s post.  I’m sorry.

Between Jen and I trying to take a few hours for ourselves on her day off, Daphne being Colonel Cacophonous de la Fusspotzi, and having to take Alex to the vet (turns out he’s ruptured his ACL), I simply haven’t had any time to post.

I still don’t, honestly.

So instead I’m going to drop a couple of these here vidja linkies on you and call it a day.  I’ll try to find some more time to write tomorrow after I’ve taken Alex in for his surgery at 7:30am.  (Still not sure how I’m going to finagle that little maneuver…)

Flight of the BumbleDad: 3rd Movement


Yes, I’m spinning around like that on purpose.  And our instructor seemed quite happy about it.

And here’s Flight of the BumbleMom: 1st Movement:

Very well done, and her first time!

See you tomorrow.


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