Return of the OW


YES!  It’s back!  As of next Tuesday, the Overwatch beta is back online!



It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve rocked a little Mercy/Winston, and I’m itchy to get back in there and leap around.

overwatchmercyoverwatchwinstonMecha-angel & Robo-monkey.  <3 <3

They’ve apparently added two new maps, an entirely new game mode, and…  A progression system.
You know, we were all obsessed with the game before the psychological “carrot” was added; now that the addictive part is in there we might never leave the house again.  (Depending on how good a carrot it is, of course…)

But most importantly, I’m excited to “see” my peeps again, and have a collective post-work beer/chat with my friends…even if we are hundreds of miles away from each other.  This game is an impetus for us to do that, and I’m super thankful for it.

Speaking of which, I’ll need to pick up a growler or two at the Whole Foods this weekend.  Woo!

See you Monday.


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