Psst…  C’mere.  I need to whisper this because talking about it tends to end the streak and I don’t want to screw up a good thing.

daphsleepokayIt’s okay, Daddy.  You can tell them.

Daphne has slept through the night, for two nights in a row.


Which means that, with the exception of letting Jib out at 4am, I’ve had over 8 hours of sleep TWICE this week.  Words cannot express how good that feels…

And speaking of Daphne’s bedtime habits, she has taken to sitting up in her crib when she awakes rather than simply flailing around noisily until we come get her.  As a matter of fact, this morning I caught her reaching up for the railing (presumably to pull herself up), on the baby monitor.  I hurried upstairs to witness this act and instead found her sitting in the center of the crib, trying to look innocent.

daphsunrisecloseDon’t let those eyes fool you.  Gurl’s got a plan.

There’s also been a lot of progress on the crawling front this week.  She’s very, very close…but not quite ready yet.

See you tomorrow.


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