Reaping Grains


We had a really great family weekend. Saturday we spent the morning lounging around the house (well, pseudo-lounging…we were both technically working) and playing with Daphne.

On Sunday we took our annual trip to the Rice Harvest Festival in downtown Katy. Although these days it’s less of a “festival” per se, and more of a “we shut down the roads and rented that space to hundreds of vendors who mercilessly hawk their wares at you for as long as you wander the street…oh, and there are a few rides in the corner somewhere too.

I’m a little sad at what it’s become, honestly. Back in the day it was almost entirely rides, games, and sugary carnival treats with a few local handicrafts here and there. Now you’re assaulted by regional sales associates trying to convince you to switch electrical companies by spinning their Wheel o’ Swag…

$ ruins all, I suppose.

Anyway,  the carnival part was a good time. And the pumpkin patch at the nearby church is always awesome.

For reference, here are of a couple of last year’s photos:


And Sunday’s photos…

What a difference a year makes…

After the pumpkin patch, we headed back over to the carnival area with the express intent of embarking on The Daphne Equine Experience.

Where Daphne did, indeed, go on her very first pony ride.

Thanks to Gramps for snagging this video…

And she handled it like a champ.

This is baby stuff… Chute the bull, y’all; I’m ready.


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