Playing Everywhere

Hi there.

We’ve been very busy.

Last Friday we met up with the speech therapist at We Rock the Spectrum in Katy, where Daphne just played and played and played…

This one was actually taken on a different visit, but it’s fine for getting the idea of the place…

They also have a zip line, which she wasn’t too sure about at first but, once I got her on there, she didn’t want to come off. Sadly, since I was the one holding her to the “zip” bit, I was a little busy to get pictures.

I did, however, get some footage of the trampoline jogging that went down for about 15 minutes straight…

Saturday we dropped Daph off with her grandparents since Jen and I had separate baby showers to attend, hers at a residence in Rice Village and mine at Spindletap Brewery.

This would be BumbleBrother, correctly beginning his Journey into Daddyhood by wearing strange things on his head.

Good times had by all, and we swung through No Label Brewery afterward for their Oktoberfest party, where Daphne ran and ran and ran some more…  Until, after it got dark and she’d been sprinting for about 30 minutes straight, we began to get concerned that we’d end the evening in the ER.

I apologize for the potato quality of this image. I didn’t realize the iPhone update turned the “Live” photo feature on.

Sunday was Jen’s first day not teaching Pure Barre, so BumbleDay has a new partner! We spent the morning having coffee and watching Daph play, then did our normal grocery run and called it a weekend.

The workweek has been…well, I’m not going to get into how it’s been. Let’s leave it with: it sucks. Moving on.

This morning, however, was the first nice day we’ve had in about 5 months (a cool front came through yesterday) and so Daph came out with us for our morning walk…on her tricycle choppah.

And she’s starting to get the idea…

Few more days (and perhaps some duct tape around those feet, adhering them to the pedals), and I think we’ll have it.

See you soon.


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