This has been an exceptionally quiet week and, between you and me, I’m trying not to be unnerved by that fact.  To say this feels like calm before a storm is an understatement.

babystormBaby Storm.

That said, Jen is doing just fine.   Although her feet have indeed swollen a bit.  It seems like it would be horribly uncomfortable but she assures me that it isn’t the same feeling as having an allergic reaction to something (it just looks like it), and that it’s not that bad.  Honestly she’s been valiant and unsinkable throughout this entire process, and we’re on the threshold of “teens left to go.”

That is, unless her doctor has other plans.

She has an appointment/baby check-up this afternoon, so I should have more information about this later, but her doctor did mention last time that she might induce labor as early as next weekend.  Which would be nice in a “hey, we can pencil this thing in!” kind of way, and concurrently unnerving in an “er, why, what’s wrong?” kind of way.  (We did just have the ultrasound on Tuesday, so we’re pretty sure nothing’s amiss…but there’s always that fear.)

Which also means, superficially, that we’re not sure yet if she’ll be an Aries or a Taurus.

Okay, clearly I don’t have a whole lot to talk about.  So I’m off.  See you tomorrow.


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  1. You’re sweet not to mention my pregnancy flatulance. 😉

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