So, does anyone else remember the Captain Power TV game?

Derek got this for his birthday 27 years ago. (My God…)  I remember this because he called me “large human” for that entire summer.

To play the game, you’d pop in the Captain Power VHS tape, pick up the plastic spaceship-gun, and shoot the little, round, seizure-inducing strobe lights that would occasionally flash on the screen during what was a surprisingly decent anime.

Best of luck getting through this.

Unfortunately, the whole thing gets filed under “great idea, terrible execution.”

The VHS was fine the first couple times, but lost its luster pretty quickly.  What we were really sold on was the promised Captain Power cartoon that would be “airing soon,” which would allow us to play a game with a broadcast TV show.  Sadly, that day never came.
Turns out this didn’t matter, because the gun was chintzy as hell and only worked for a few weeks before we’d utterly destroyed it.  At the time, though, we really felt like playing games alongside the characters in our shows was going to be the future of entertainment.  Disappointing…

In other randomness, I woke up today to the realization that Abraham from the Walking Dead is “Bob” from Grosse Point Blank.

sadabraham“When I feel quiet.  When I feel…blue.”

That’s an awfully cold bucket of IMDB water to get hit by before I’ve had a cup of coffee.

Speaking of television, our watch is over this Sunday night (and for the 9 Sundays to come), as Game of Thrones has returned.  And none too soon. We were fast approaching an utter lack of decent television.
Jen and I had pretty much checked out of Black Sails after the big reveal a few episodes ago.  The whole thing became way too gender twisted for a show that’s supposed to be a fun romp (no pun intended), with famous real pirates alongside fictional ones from Treasure Island.
Then there’s Mad Men, which Jen has been a fan of since the first season but which I’ve never really gotten into.   I do, however, recognize its merit and understand that there’s a depth and complexity to the whole thing.  It just doesn’t speak to me.  I feel the same way about Breaking Bad and Radiohead.

And finally, tonight is the series opener between the Sox and Yanks in the Bronx.

tekarodfightGod bless ‘Tek.


See you Monday.


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