We’ve started teaching Daphne how to take bites, rather than just cutting and/or breaking everything into bite-sized pieces.

This makes #4,592 on the list of things that never occurred to me you’d have to teach someone, but I suppose it is.

We started on BumbleDay last weekend with what I assumed would be a lay up, Saltines. But Daph had other plans.

She grabbed the cracker and immediately tried to jam the whole thing into her mouth, as she’d done with all other comestibles up to that point, and became confused when the process didn’t work. But, rather than break it, she just handed me the now partially soggy cracker, as if it were defective, and ran off.

Round 1: Defeat

So I herder her back over, snapped a new cracker in half, and tried again. She still didn’t get it, and ended up scurrying off again with the business end of a Saltine juttng out of her mouth.
Now I vaguely recall motherly admonishments about running whilst doing things (holding scissors, carrying soda, measuring pentaerythritol tetranitrate, etc.), and I’m pretty sure that there was a caveat in there somewhere about having crackers in your mouth. So we once again came to a slow, safe stop…and began skating in the opposite skating direction.

Round 2: Defeat

This time I took a fresh cracker out, broke it in half, stuck it in her mouth and said “nibblenibblenibblenibble-BITE!” and broke the cracker while it was still in her mouth on that last syllable.

Apparently, this is very funny.

So we did this same thing through 5 or 6 crackers before she pretty much had the whole thing down.

And now…

Round 3: Victory!

She’s totally got this.


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