Metaphorically Underwater


Yeah, it’s been a bit. Sorry. I’ve had a LOT going on these past couple of weeks.

I’ve actually had two different I.T. certification exams scheduled in just over 3 weeks. And, of course, there was a little storm there in between the two… I did pass my MCSA:

But I failed the N+ which, honestly, should’ve been the easier of the two exams. (I’m blaming that one on incorrect study materials.)

Why I would do something like that to myself, I couldn’t tell you…other than there’s a certain amount of inertia that gets built up as you’re spending the limited free time you have studying for exams, and I didn’t want to lose any momentum.
Also it’s hard to keep all this stuff at the forefront of your mind for very long. For example, this is an answer from the practice exam:

$Set-Mailbox "Rube Goldberg" -Type Shared -GrantSendOnBehalfTo Mousetrap Add-MailboxPermission -User Mousetrap -AccessRights FullAccess

Isn’t that awful?

And, God help me, I actually know what that string of gobbledegook means now…  It’s a PowerShell cmdlet (pronounced “commandlet,” which are way less adorable than they sound), that allows a user called “Mousetrap” to take over Rube Goldberg’s email box, but forces a “Sent on Behalf” alert to appear on every email they send as Mr. Goldberg.
Riveting stuff, I know.

I also have a ton of proofreading to do and I’m way, WAY behind on getting that wrapped up. Partly because of the storm, partly because of the aforementioned studying I’ve had to do for the day job, and partly because, instead of proofing the game instruction book like I was supposed to be doing, I instead spent the weekend hanging out with my wife and daughter…who are the reasons why I work so hard to begin with.

We went to No Label Brewery on Friday after work. Well, way after work. It actually took me 2½ hours to get from my office to my house…a 27 mile commute.  (That’s right. I averaged 10 mph the entire way home. Envy my life.)

But it was nice to sit outside and have a beer with Jen. And Daphne had a great time running around on their playground.

Yes, that’s a “Goonies Never Say Die” t-shirt. Envy my wardrobe, too.

On Saturday we drove out to Dragon’s Lair after naptime, where I picked up Whitehall Mystery, a game that has just been released and is proving difficult to order online.

I got lucky and nabbed their only copy.

It’s a slightly unsettling game, as one of you plays as Jack the Ripper, on the run from detectives and leaving dismembered pieces of your victim scattered around London, as per the real Whitehall murder of 1888.
Macabre, I know, but Jen and I had a really good time playing it on Saturday night after Daphne went to bed. I’m also trying not to be too concerned that she was very, very good at it. So, FYI: if she ever decides to hack me into pieces and scatter them around Houston…good luck finding her.

And on BumbleDay, after breakfast, I gave Daphne a pretty wide berth and let her play by herself for most of the morning. And she seemed fine by that. Every so often she’d careen out of her playroom, book in hand, and have me read to her for a bit.  Then she’d sprint back in to play by herself some more. Was good for her, I think.

We did our usual grocery thing (which was already significantly less expensive, thanks Mr. Bezos!) albeit without the grilled cheese. Turns out they stopped making grilled cheeses, and now they’re just a beer/wine bar. Disappointing, but if it means we save $$$ on our groceries I guess that’s fine…

And now we’re all back to work for our first full week in almost a month.

And on that note, I’m going to get back to it.

But, because I can’t possibly go a full post without a picture of my daughter, here’s another one I found of Daph reading while Harvey did his thing in the background.

See you soon.


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