Naptimes Past

Hi there.

Weekend was great, thanks for asking.

Jen spent the majority of it on the mend from an allergy-encrusted week so, with the exception of Saturday afternoon’s X-Wing exodus and dinner at Whole Foods on Sunday, we pretty much just stayed home.

Even Saturday’s X-Wing was mellow, since I was just running through some instructional games for a couple brand new players.  This is me planting seeds, in the hope that someday they’ll blossom into a tiny gaming scene out here on the west side.

Anyway, that was the weekend.

Now, as to the “Naptime” title, it occurred to me this morning that, as we approach Daphne’s first birthday, there will be many things she once did as a baby that she won’t do anymore.  And I’m really going to miss some of those things.

Here’s a big one:


The vast majority of mornings in Daphne’s life so far have been spent watching Sesame Street/Taylor Swift/whatever seasonal clips are appropriate, on my iPad with me, then curling up for a quick nap afterward.  (I am unassailably lucky in that my job allows me this time with my daughter every morning.  Because without it, I would see her roughly 45 minutes out of every day.)

But this is happening less and less frequently as she gets older and requires fewer naps.  Most days now she just wants to climb around on me, right up until Jen’s mom comes over to whisk her away, feed her breakfast, and get her ready for the day.

This morning, as you can see, she did go back to sleep for about 40 minutes.  And I spent that time lying there next to her, trying to etch the moment into my memory to hold on to forever.  The smell of her hair.  The susurrus of her little stuffy nose as she breathed in and out.  The warmth of her nestled under my arm.  The feel of the little scruffy pads on her pajama feet.  All of it.

Because I know that I’m going to blink a few times and suddenly she’ll want nothing to do with napping with her daddy, despite how badly he might miss it.



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